If you believe that a child is a victim of abuse,
Please call the toll free child abuse hotline:

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We have various services that can provide support and empowerment to families and children within our community. 

For the month of April, JACY House will be hosting a series of Child Abuse Prevention Adult Education. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and we invite anyone that comes in contact with children to attend our series. There will be a raffle on May 3rd. To enter the raffle, all you have to do is attend as many session as possible to enter your name. There will also be refreshments provided each session. If  you are interested in attending, please register for each session below or you can call our office at 76-962-9043.

You can help support our mission through monetary donations, item donations, and volunteering.

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Justice and Advocacy Center for Youth

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Address: 1400 Chester Blvd., Richmond, IN

Phone: 765-962-9043

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