Meet the Interviewer

My name is Hope and I am the Lead Forensic Interviewer here at JACY House. I started my college career in nursing but quickly decided that was not the path for me. I am currently finishing my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice and will be going straight into my Master's in Criminal Justice and Emergency Management. I have a passion for serving others and bringing justice to victims and their families, to allow them to heal and move forward in their lives. I have two dogs, Scout and Ranger. I also have a son that is the light of my life. In my free time you will find me outdoors, hiking, kayaking, playing with my dogs, spending time with my family, and playing with my son.‚Äč

A forensic interview is a neutral, fact-finding interaction conducted by a specially trained interviewer using a multi-disciplinary approach in response to allegations of alleged maltreatment. Children ages 2-17 come to JACY House when there has been a report that the child may have experienced some form of abuse or may have witnessed violence. The forensic interviewer allows the child to tell about the events in a one-on-one discussion with the multi-disciplinary team observing from an adjacent room.  A forensic interview is not an interrogation, but a non-threatening and non-leading interview. The child is given the opportunity to describe events in his or her own words, in a manner that is age and developmentally appropriate to the child.The goal of a forensic interview is to get a statement from a child. The information that the victims/witnesses give supports accurate and fair decision-making in the criminal justice and child welfare systems.

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Forensic Interview

What is a Forensic Interview?